PLT Wiki

This is the home page of the programming language theory wiki.

Feel free to add a page about any programming language, PL concept or researcher, or to improve the ones that already exist.

The reason a new wiki is necessary

Even though Wikipedia contains pages about PL, it can also be very deletionist when it comes to adding new pages, because Wikipedia’s notability criteria are skewed when it comes to programming languages. Esoteric programming languages like Shakespeare? get their own Wikipedia pages because they are so unusual that they get mentioned in magazines and popular blogs, but relatively new languages like PureScript do not, even when they are used in industry or are the subject of PL research. We believe an inclusionist new wiki that does not share Wikipedia’s notability criteria would solve these problems. We know this is a daunting and bold project, but we do not intend to be a replacement for Wikipedia in any way, there are perfectly fine PL pages there that we should celebrate. However, PLT wiki will welcome your pages that are denied there.